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 Gym #12: Etherboro Memorial Manor

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Ryan C

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PostSubject: Gym #12: Etherboro Memorial Manor   Sun Sep 16, 2012 9:24 pm

I'm Ryan C. I'm your Ghost-type Gym Leader.

Ghosts are interesting. They are capable of anything. They have the great gift of ignoring the laws of our world and taking what they want for themselves. They're beings with no known essence. How they live, breathe, eat, think...such a mystery. But through training with the ghosts, I've come to understand that they're just like the rest of us except for the reasons I already explained. They've become my friends and are willing to follow my wishes...and in some case grant them, even. Allow me to demonstrate to you what they're capable of...but such will only happen when you have proven yourself to the others. You should be prepared for the ghosts and their otherworldly powers anyhow.

I look forward to battling with you.
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Gym #12: Etherboro Memorial Manor
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